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Pregnancy and postnatal

Bump Postnatal Classes (Mums and Bubs)

Tighten your tummy, stop leaking when you sneeze and drop your baby weight with our core restore program!

Bring your baby along and workout in these revolutionary Bump classes, designed to tighten tummies by restoring the core and pelvic floor.  Held by experienced Postnatal and Pregnancy Trainer Carol Pirika, we use practical everyday movements you need as a Mum, and turn them into exercises you can do at home. No matter what your fitness levels, we can adapt our classes to suit!  Working with Mums for almost a decade, Carol is passionate about pelvic floor strength and postnatal recovery – never be scared to sneeze again!

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Bump Pregnancy Training

Bump pregnancy training can provide you with amazing benefits!  Research has shown benefits of regular exercise during pregnancy:

  • can shorten labour by a third
  • can assist with morning sickness and maternal discomfort (such as low back pain)
  • decreases the need for pain relief and surgical intervention
  • assists with postural alignment and balance
  • means a faster recovery from birth and labour
  • can assist with weight loss after birth

Bump classes are guided by trainers experienced in pregnancy and postnatal exercise.  They are low impact following yoga, pilates and gentle strengthening so there is no stress on the joints.

Bump Massage

We have an onsite massage therapist experienced in providing pregnancy and postnatal massage to relieve tension in the muscles and help with relaxation.